Making our brand work - Mama's labels from Stickerdot

A lot goes into making a brand and product work, not only does it take a lot of your time and energy to make your products but you also need to be on top of all aspects of the supply chain, from the raw product to the bottles and of course the labels.

So when we decided who to go with in sourcing our product labels, we needed to consider the quality and speed at which we could get the item to us, as all small business owners know you fly by the breadline when it comes to reinvesting profits back into your business.

It comes as no surprise then that we absolutely love using Stickerdot as our number one label and promotional sticker suppliers. From ordering to payment to proof approval to delivery, it as all so seamless and easy. And of course the product itself is top quality, something very important to us as this resonates with the quality of our product too.

From the moment you place your order you are consistently updated on it production to when to expect to take delivery, and we can happily say this is always exceeded with delivery being a day or two earlier than expected.

So if you are in the market for custom stickers or business cards, we definitely recommend giving Stickerdot a go as you wont be disappointed!

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