The Range and changes

Here at Mama's we have been testing the local market now for a couple of months and getting feedback from our customers as well as noting what sells well and what doesn't.

So we have decided to make a few changes to the range based on this that include reducing the offering we have. You may have noticed that the range has reduced somewhat, and that's really due to the fact that those who also love chillies demand the hotter of the range, and those who don't really like chilli that much won't buy the milder ones regardless.

From now on we will concentrate on our 4 top sellers and this will also make them more readily available as the chillies can be used only in these sauces. The ones who made the cut are: Sneaky B!tch, Creamy Steamy jalapeno, Sweet Surrender, Ginger Ninja and Salt Slap, as well as our limited edition of Berry Bloody Hot that will be released periodically.

We do apologise to anyone who had fallen in love with one of the now obsolete sauces, but we reckon you would be able to handle the slighter hotter version now that you are on the chilli journey with us! Did you know you can train your taste buds to handle hotter foods? Go on give them a try!


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